AZERBAIJAN: 34 fines for "illegal" religious meeting

Felix Corley

Forum 18


34 attendees at an "illegal" home meeting for worship on the most sacred annual observance for Jehovah's Witnesses were fined nearly a year's official minimum wage. The leader of a Sunni mosque in Baku forcibly closed in July has failed to overturn his fine.

Spiritual power in the context of secular values

Samvel Mayilyan

Тheologician, Greece


Word and refuse the disgraceful strategies. In case of such a strategy, some employees may jeopardize their reputation, for serving in various religious traditions they often face opposing opinions, but that is the narrow gate and the cross which faithful servants must carry.  

Currently there is no imprisoned conscientious objector

Tigran Harutyunyan

"Jehovah's Witnesses" Christian Religious Organization, Armenia, Head of Public Relations


To date, 99 Jehovah's Witnesses have applied for alternative labor service. The Republican Committee has now made decisions on the applications of 57 persons; the remaining applications are pending.